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Recent Studies

Newer Jaguars have been ditching the oval aperture for a more squared-off one, and the next XK will have to fall in line. But don't expect that to be the only change in store for the next-generation Jaguar coupe and convertible. With the new F-Type now holding the more enthusiast-oriented ground, the next XK is expected to grow bigger, softer and more luxurious.

That will likely mean a more commodious back seat as well, though that shouldn't be hard to do considering the lack of space in the back of the current model From to , the Mille Miglia was one of the great, romantic European road races of the golden era of motorsports. The cars were fast, beautiful and loud but also extremely dangerous and regularly claimed drivers' lives.

Jaguar VIN decoder

After two fatal accidents in '57, the event finally had to reform and came back in as a historic rally held over the course of several days. That didn't make things boring, though, and Xcar found that out firsthand with a front-row seat to this year's race in a Jaguar F-Type R Coupe. Where Leno focuses on a more personal story of competing, this one takes a more macro view. You really get an idea of how crazy the Mille Miglia still is, and while the F-Type is way too new to actually compete in the rally, it can still wear an event sticker and drive with the vintage racers.

Jaguar VIN Information

One amazing fact about today's Mille Miglia is that if you're competing in the event, there are basically no rules. The roads are technically still open to traffic, but the police shut down intersections and provide a rolling roadblock. Xcar's F-Type alternated between following on the course with the classics and snipping off chunks of the route to watch the participants arrive at each stop.

Check out the video to experience fantastic historic rally.

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Green may have been a popular color choice for the classic Jaguar E-Type, but even in Lightweight form pictured above , it was hardly what you'd call environmentally friendly. Not by today's standards, anyway, with six-, eight- and twelve-cylinder engines displacing between 3. But Jaguar looks to be preparing to revive the nameplate - or at least one similar - with a new electric vehicle in the works. The implication that it's developing an electric vehicle is clear, as is the reference to its iconic sports car of yore.

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Cheers, Kurt. Where did you get your spec table?

The widths for E, and S do not match other tables Daze, Wiki , which also do not match completely. Hey Cal, The width measurements are not an ideal way to ID a jag rear. The width changes drastically when they are removed from the vehicle and they are quite difficult to measure while in the car.

1992 Jaguar xj6 Sovereign

A removed Jag IRS will be about an inch shorter, so allow your measurements to have a little wiggle room when you are identifying. Another thing to note..

Search your desired car-part

I have found this configuration to provide much better camber when cornering. I have several Jag diffs here and with odd numbers. One is 3. The other has 7. This has me baffled. Hi Frank. Sorry about the delay.

Just sold the last of my stock. Have Powerlok V12 but will keep that. I just purchased a complete rear with 78 I Ia Lost. I gown a supercharged co were can i find a web site that I can buy order gear for the rest end or.

Blue book value jaguar xj6

I looking to get a set of 3. Better bearings, better brakes, out board brakes. Aluminum cover, oil drain plug. Just everything about the newer is better. The best part is. Why buy an old one you must rebuild and still have old technology.