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How to get Cheaper Car Insurance

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Travel money Travel prepaid cards No foreign transaction fee credit cards Travel insurance Car hire excess insurance European breakdown cover. Get quotes from these car insurance providers and more. If you compare car insurance, you can get the cover you need for a price that you can afford. The three levels of cover Comprehensive car insurance : This covers you, your car, passengers and property, as well as any third parties involved in an accident. What car insurance cover should you get? Which car insurance extras are worth having?

No, it is a legal requirement to have at least third party car insurance cover to drive in the UK. How can I get cheaper car insurance? There are several things you can do to get cheaper cover. Try these 10 easy ways to cut your car insurance costs. It can cover damage to your and another driver's car after an accident.

Guide to car insurance groups

It can also cover theft, vandalism and fire. Is it cheaper to pay annually or monthly? Should I let my policy automatically renew? No, your current provider will not usually offer the cheapest deal so shop around and find a new policy instead of renewing. Can I get insurance for an imported car? Yes, you can use our quote service to find cheap cover for your imported car.

You can select whether your car is a grey or parallel import. Can I check if a car is already insured? How long does car insurance last?

Auto Insurance FAQ

Most car insurance policies last one year, but you can cancel your cover for a fee. You can get short term cover for between one day and three months. If you have a fully comprehensive policy you might be covered to drive other people's cars, but some polices do not allow this. Can I switch my policy to another car? Yes, if you buy a new car you will need to tell your insurer so they can update your policy. The cost of your cover will probably change. Do you need legal cover? Get car insurance quotes. Compare quotes to see how much you could save on your car insurance.

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Get quotes. Do you need another type of car insurance?

What type are you looking for? Do you need anything else? Motorbike insurance. Cars in the highest groups, typically high performance models, are likely to cost insurers the most in insurance claims. Insurers may use the panel's recommendations in their calculation of car insurance premiums, or they may choose to use their own groupings.

Car insurance groups - Compare quotes -

According to the Association of British Insurers, the cost of motor vehicle repairs accounts for over half of all the money paid out in motor insurance claims, so repair costs feature strongly in how the groups are defined. Damage and parts costs This covers the likely extent of damage to each car and the cost of the parts used to repair.

The cheaper the cost, the more it's likely to be in a lower group rating. Repair costs and times Longer repair times increases the cost, resulting in a higher group rating. Types of paint finishes are also an important factor. New car values The prices of new cars are taken into account, as they're a good guide to the cost of replacement and repair.

Parts prices A standard list of 23 common parts is used to compare the cost of parts from manufacturers.

Car insurance – How to get the best deal

The lower these costs, the more likely a lower group rating. Car performance Acceleration and top speed are important factors. Insurance claims statistics show that high performance cars often result in more frequent insurance claims. Safety Cars fitted with AEB as standard will have a lower insurance rating, as they help reduce low speed. Bumper compatibility Cars with bumpers that are compatible with the insurer's criteria will qualify for lower insurance ratings.