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The diminished demand for our products and services leads to excess manufacturing capacity and subsequent accelerated erosion of average selling prices in our industry, which could adversely affect our business, results of operations, including profit margins, financial condition and cash flows. As part of our customer alliance programs, we enter into maintenance agreements that are fixed-fee arrangements. Under these agreements, we provide maintenance services, including replacement parts and repair services, at a specified fixed fee and, accordingly, bear the risk of cost overruns.

The markets for our products are fragmented and highly competitive. We compete against large and well-established national and global companies, as well as regional and local companies, low cost replicators of spare parts and in-house maintenance departments of our end user customers. We compete based on price, technical expertise, timeliness of delivery, previous installation history and reputation for quality and reliability, with price competition tending to be more significant for sales to original equipment manufacturers.

Some of our customers are attempting to reduce the number of vendors from which they purchase in order to reduce the size and diversity of their inventory.

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To remain competitive, we will need to invest continuously in manufacturing, marketing, customer service and support and our distribution networks. No assurances can be made that we will have sufficient resources to continue to make the investment required to maintain or increase our market share or that our investments will be successful.

If we do not compete successfully, our business, our financial condition, results of operations and cash flows could be adversely affected. Our operations and properties are subject to extensive regulation under environmental laws.

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These laws can impose substantial sanctions for violations or operational changes that may limit production. We must conform our operations to applicable regulatory requirements and adapt to changes in such requirements in all countries in which we operate. Many of our current and former properties are or have been used for industrial purposes, and some may require clean-up of historical contamination.

In addition, we have been identified as one of several potentially responsible parties at four Superfund sites. We have incurred, and expect to continue to incur, operating and capital costs to comply with environmental requirements. In addition, new laws and regulations, stricter enforcement of existing requirements, the discovery of previously unknown contamination or the imposition of new clean-up requirements could require us to incur costs or become the basis for new or increased liabilities that could adversely affect our financial condition, results of operations and cash flows.

All such products were used as self-contained components of process equipment, and we do not believe that there was any emission of ambient asbestos-containing fiber during the use of this equipment. Of our U. Although we believe that our relations with our employees are good and we have not experienced any recent strikes or work stoppages, no assurances can be made that we will not in the future experience these and other types of conflicts with labor unions, works councils, other groups representing employees, or our employees.

Catalogue général Attwood 2018 EN

Our ability to compete is affected by our ability to protect our proprietary technology. We rely on a combination of patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, confidentiality provisions and licensing arrangements to establish and protect our proprietary rights. We cannot guarantee, however, that the steps we have taken to protect our intellectual property will be adequate to prevent misappropriation of our technology. For example, effective patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret protection may be unavailable or limited in some of the foreign countries in which we operate.

In addition, while we generally enter into confidentiality agreements with our employees and third parties to protect our intellectual property, such confidentiality agreements could be breached, and may not provide meaningful protection for our trade secrets and know-how related to the design, manufacture or operation of our products. If it became necessary for us to resort to litigation to protect our intellectual property rights, any proceedings could be burdensome and costly, and we may not prevail.

Furthermore, adequate remedies may not be available in the event of an unauthorized use or disclosure of our trade secrets and manufacturing expertise. If we fail to successfully enforce our intellectual property rights, our competitive position could suffer, which could harm our sales, results of operations and cash flows. Our future success depends to a significant degree on the skills, experience and efforts of our newly appointed and existing senior management and other key personnel.

The loss of the services of any of these individuals could adversely affect our ability to implement our business strategy. To promote continuity of senior management, in March our Board of Directors approved a Transitional Executive Security Plan, which provides financial incentives to key management personnel to remain employed by us for the near term. No assurances can be made, however, that we will be successful in our efforts to retain key members of our senior management.

We purchase substantially all electric power and other raw materials we use in the manufacturing of our products from outside sources. The costs of these raw materials have been volatile historically and are influenced by factors that are outside our control. In recent years, the prices for energy, metal alloys, nickel and certain other of our raw materials have increased, with the prices for energy currently exceeding historical averages. If we are unable to pass increases in the costs of our raw materials to our customers, our operating margins and results of operations will be adversely affected.

We maintain defined benefit pension plans that are required to be funded in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Mexico and The Netherlands, and defined benefit plans that are not required to be funded in Germany, France, Austria and Sweden. Our pension liability is materially affected by the discount rate used to measure our pension obligations and, in the case of the plans that are required to be funded, the level of plan assets available to fund those obligations and the expected long-term rate of return on plan assets.

A change in the discount rate can result in a significant increase or decrease in the valuation of. Significant changes in investment performance or a change in the portfolio mix of invested assets can result in increases and decreases in the valuation of plan assets or in a change of the expected rate of return on plan assets. Changes in the expected return on plan assets assumption can result in significant changes in our pension expense.

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We currently expect to make substantial contributions to our U. While we maintain insurance coverage with respect to certain product liability claims, we may not be able to obtain such insurance on acceptable terms in the future, if at all, and any such insurance may not provide adequate coverage against product liability claims.

In addition, product liability claims can be expensive to defend and can divert the attention of management and other personnel for significant periods of time, regardless of the ultimate outcome. An unsuccessful defense of a product liability claim could have an adverse affect on our business, results of operations and financial condition and cash flows. Even if we are successful in defending against a claim relating to our products, claims of this nature could cause our customers to lose confidence in our products and our company. Warranty claims are not covered by insurance, and we may incur significant warranty costs in the future for which we would not be reimbursed.

We have a substantial amount of debt. This level of indebtedness could have important consequences to us. For example, it could:. Subject to the restrictions in our debt agreements, we may incur additional indebtedness in the future, which could further exacerbate the effect of any of the consequences described above. These agreements limit our ability, among other things, to:. Our ability to comply with these covenants may be affected by events beyond our control. Failure to comply with these covenants could result in an event of default which, if not cured or waived, may have a material adverse effect on our financial condition, results of operations and cash flows.

Since , we have expanded through a number of acquisitions, and we may pursue acquisitions of businesses that are complementary to ours in the future. Our ability to implement this growth strategy will be limited by our ability to identify appropriate acquisition candidates, covenants in our credit agreement and other debt agreements and our financial resources, including available cash and borrowing capacity.

In addition, acquisition of businesses may require additional debt financing, resulting in higher leverage and an increase in interest expense, and could result in the incurrence of contingent liabilities. Should we acquire another business, the process of integrating acquired operations into our existing operations may encounter operating difficulties and may require significant financial resources that would otherwise be available for the ongoing development or expansion of existing operations.

Pennsylvania Bulletin

Some of the challenges associated with acquisitions include:. Furthermore, no assurances can be made that we will realize the cost savings, synergies or revenue enhancements that we may anticipate from any acquisition, or that we will realize such benefits within the time frame that we expect. If we are not able to address the challenges associated with acquisitions and successfully integrate acquired businesses, or if our integrated product and service offerings fail to achieve market acceptance, our business could be adversely affected.

We currently occupy , square feet at this facility. Most of our principal manufacturing facilities are owned. We maintain a substantial network of U. Our leased facilities are generally covered by long term leases. We believe we will be able to extend leases on our service centers and sales offices where desired, as they expire. Any such products were encapsulated and used only as components of process equipment, and we do not believe that any emission of respirable asbestos fibers occurred during the use of this equipment.

We believe that a high percentage of the applicable claims are covered by applicable insurance or indemnities from other companies. In June , we were sued by Ruhrpumpen, Inc. Ruhrpumpen subsequently amended its complaint to add Mr. Ronald F. Shuff, our Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel, and two other employees as individual defendants. Trial was held in the matter during March At the end of the trial, Mr.

Shuff and the two other employees were dismissed from the lawsuit. Since the filing of these cases, which have been consolidated, the lead plaintiff has amended its complaint several times.

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