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Everybody in this industry has had to become an apologist for crappy software at some point, but Notes elevates this to a whole new level. The product in its current form tries to masquerade as lightweight database, email, and browser and manages to be significantly substandard in all three. I wouldn't mind except that the email search functionality is a joke, so I spend many wasted cycles filing important email because I know I won't be able to find it again. I'm doing this in the age of search! I stumbled upon this thread, after a quick search inspired by seeing a "highly educated IT professional" friend of mine post some derogatory comments elsewhere about Lotus Notes.

Anyway, for the highly experienced programmer who commented above somewhere about how he couldn't work out how to change his password. Well, I just tried, out of interest I have never done this in 15 years. Hmm, let's see. Menu - File. Oh, look, Security - User Security. That could be intuitively correct. And so it was. Took 20 seconds. I've been an end user of LN for some 15 years we now are on V7; bit antiquated.

Good, so our company now has two separate systems to maintain Does anybody have a solution for the or so databases we have? As always, here too, everyone whinged and whined about LN and looked forward to the introduction of Outlook. And now they moan and complain about Outlook. But of course when Outlook crashes and dies, that's just accepted and kept quiet; brushed under the rug, as if it's just an accepted feature. When LN crashed, it was the opposite - fire and flames.

How to activate Spotlight-Search for Lotus Notes content

For me, I am fine with LN; I use it almost every day - never had any major issues. Of course, nothing is perfect and we are on V7, don't forget. Naturally, not a very common thing to do, I must admit, but how about LN databases? Other likes?

Maybe not so relevant now, but the text formatting properties box that remains on the screen, preferable to being modal like other apps. For this whole topic, it's interesting. Oh look, Betamax has a slightly better signal-noise ratio that VHS. Ha, beat that VHS. I read last year about a pro-Android journalist who got death threats—death threats—from die hard Android fans as he had claimed that a small feature of iOS was 'OK'..

Export Lotus Notes NSF file emails to Outlook PST format

C'mon; it's an operating system for a telephone. Only to succumb to the passing cleaning lady, who suggests you to plug a lamp into the socket, see of there is power available..

I have never yet seen anyone produce an absolutely compelling reason to suggest that IBM Notes is useless, it's all just minor gripes, fuelled by internal rage. For a piece of software. The worst part is it could be greatly improved with a more friendly user interface, like one acknowledging that people want an email client and do not care about database and stuff Yes you can open older version of PPT in Notes. As an engineer supporting Domino products and the positives already said, yes the Lotus Email Client needs a major overhaul if it is going to stay competitive. Just like previous comments, every user is always asking when we are switching, new employees are suprised to learn we still have Notes.

Massive CPU utilization at times, hung nsd. Sometimes requires a reboot for no reason when the Eclipse based files will not load properly. Workspace folder contstantly has to be reset as it tends to corrupt itself frequenly. Framework folder constantly has to be reset as it tends to corrupt itself frequently. We re-install the client on a regular basis. Lotus-Notes-free for 42 months! Have they finally fixed the "sort" feature in the email?

How to view Lotus Notes files content? - TechRepublic

It would drive me to apoplectic fits when I tried to sort emails by subject line, only to have 1, emails from different threads that started with RE: or FW:. I have been an MS exchange for over ten year and was horrified about the prospect of moving. When we first moved it was a bit of a nightmare but now I know I using a vastly superior product.

Exchange is at best user friendly, Notes 9 if so much more. The backend is solid, upgrades are also solo much easier, the product is lighter no need to cache local unlike exchange, iNotes it great, traveller is getting better. Value for money Notes wins hands down. I could go on all day calendar is so much more powerful search is far better and faster.

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DAOS is also great and it has the added bonus of not only being limited to email. MS exchange is expensive, heavy on the network, crashes, the upgrade path it tedious and expensive, plus you are tied into the MS model with limited options.

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I could go on all day.. The exact version is:. I cannot get the desktop client runing on Win 7 SP1 to keep the sort order of my inbox the way I want it. I have set the preference for the views to preserve sort order in the Notes client, and gone into the web client and configured it to sort in that order as well. I also have to say that as a user coming to Notes from using several other mail clients, and a person who has done UI design since the VT was mildly antiquated, I found the Notes UI to be counterintuitive in several ways.

Milind's post raised a bunch of sore spots for me too, and while I understand that Notes had it's own UI conventions for nearly as long as Windows could be said to have them, v3. I'd also like to note that the issue raised a by milind 3 regarding the add attachment requiring the user to be in the message body persists into V9. I have encountered that issue several times, but I cannot reproduce it since we moved from the old internal server v7.?

My memory says it happened after entering the recipients and tabbing into the subject field, typing the subject and then clicking the icon. Oddly, while trying to fix my main problem today, I just noticed that some change to my preferences did not apply cleanly and wiped out my complex company mandated signature. I originally set the signature block in the Notes desktop client, and it did transfer to the SmartCloud at that time. After changing my preferences for sort order on the web site today, my signature was missing on the web site and the Notes client.

I'll raise a PMR if I can reproduce the issue cleanly.

Google Desktop Search Lotus Notes Plugin

We have travelling sales reps. But the Domino server does NOT crash. Traveller works like a charm. And our users - most of whom have a high-school educations from third-world countries - don't have any issues with the e-mail functions.

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Do they use all the features? No - but neither do I. I don't use the ToDo, for example - I prefer the Calendar, but that's just me. I pressed Ctrl-F to find a message. I found the message. When I was done, my inbox had rearranged itself, I like the categorized view it took me an hour of searching to find that it's called a categorized view , and that was gone. My meetings were now mixed with my messages. I finally asked a co-worker how to fix it. He told me to press the down arrow on the date column.

I had already tried sorting by every possible column, up and down. He explained that I had to press the down arrow when the mail was already sorted most recent first. How would I ever figure that out? I find it searching the email history for a user or a key word in the email does not fetch the desired emails that I want, it shows other emails which has no match of the key words or the users that I have selected.

I, like most people, find LN utterly useless. Because my work insists that it is our email client. That's all I use it for. So, without digressing and repeating everyone else's whinges about the program that I too Hate, I recently had to go on leave from work for a few days for not-fun reasons unfortunately. So, I thought I'd be "proactive" and set up an out of message reply so people who sent me stuff knew I wasn't ignoring them.

I followed the instructions on the booklet that I was provided with when I started with the company 4 months ago. Set up the out of office, set the dates, turned it on.