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To open Yahoo Messenger's ports, you need to go into your router settings and configure port forwarding for the range of ports Yahoo Messenger uses. Log in to your router's Web-based configuration utility and click the "Port Forwarding" or similarly titled link in the "Advanced" section of the page. Select the "Port Forwarding" option on the following page.

Click "Apply" or "Save. Repeat the previous two steps with the following changes: name the service "Yahoo Messenger 2" and type "" in both the "Starting Port" and "Ending Port" boxes. Repeat steps 2 and 3 one more time.

Ancillary information that might be useful for the email client is usually found in headers that begin with X-. The specific headers can vary widely according to the email client that was used to create the messages. Log into your Gmail account with your username and password. Open the mail. You should get a header. Look for Received: from followed by a few hostnames and an IP address between square brackets.

Sharp IP Getter Find Yahoo Messenger Internet Protocol

Log into your Yahoo! Click on Inbox or whichever folder you have stored your mail. If you do not see the headers above the mail message, your headers are not displayed. The best command to use is:. This will list all connections in numerical form which makes it a lot easier to trace malicious users. Hostnames can be a little confusing if you don't know what you're doing.

Although they're easily understandable as we shall see later.

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Also, by doing this, you can find out what your own IP address is, which is always useful. It would be impossible to find out who was attacking you if computers could just access any old port to perform an important function. How could you tell a mail transfer from a Trojan Attack? Well, good news!

How to find someone's IP Address

Because your regular, normal connections are assigned to low, commonly used ports, and in general, the higher the number used, the more you should be suspicious. Here are the three main types of port:. So if you find one of these ports open and you usually will , it's usually because of an essential function.

How to to look up a IP address in yahoo e mail

Although not bound to a particular service, these are normally used by networking utilities like FTP software, Email client and so on, and they do this by opening on a random port within this range before communicating with the remote server, so don't panic just be wary, perhaps if you see any of these open, because they usually close automatically when the system that's running on them terminates for example, type in a common website name in your browser with netstat open, and watch as it opens up a port at random to act as a buffer for the remote servers.

This is indeed the usual range of the Trojan, so if you find any of these open, be very suspicious.

Re: Tracing Ip address of remote Chat users

So, just to recap:. Well Known Ports 0 to Commonly used, little danger. Registered Ports to Not as common, just be careful. Now, it is essential that you know what you're looking for, and the most common way someone will attack your machine is with a Trojan. This is a program that is sent to you in an email, or attempts to bind itself to one of your ports, and when activated, it can give the user your passwords, access to your hard drive At the end of this Document, you will find a list of the most commonly used Trojans and the ports they operate on.

For now, let's take another look at that first example of Netstat Now, straight away, this should make more sense to you. Your computer is connected on two ports, 80 and Port , however, is distinctly suspicious; first of all, it is in the registered port range, and although other services like MSN use these, let's assume that you have nothing at all running like instant messengers, webpages etc So, now this connection is looking even more troublesome, and when you realise that is a common port for Netbus a potentially destructive Trojan , you can see that something is untoward here.

So, what you would do is:. Having the attacker's IP is all well and good, but what can you do with it?

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The answer is, a lot more! It's not enough to have the address, you also need to know where the attacker's connections are coming from. You may have used automated tracerouting tools before, but do you jknow how they work? Now, what happens is, the Traceroute will show you all the computers inbetween you and the target machine, including blockages, firewalls etc.

Geolocation Information

More often than not, the hostname address listed before the final one will belong to the Hacker's ISP Company. If the Hostname that you get back doesn't actually seem to mention an actual geographical location within its text, you may think all is lost. But fear not! Suppose you get a hostname such as. Well, that tells us nothing, right? This at least gives you a firm geographical location to carry out your investigations in. Similarly, a common tactic of Hackers is to deliberately have their computer's clock set to a totally wrong time, so as to throw you off the scent.

Also, unless you know what you're doing, I wouldn't advise using Telnet which is outside the parameters of this tutorial. This is probably the most effective way of running a trace on somebody. If ever you're in a chatroom and you see someone saying that they've "hacked into a satellite orbiting the Earth, and are taking pictures of your house right now", ignore them because that's just bad movie nonsense.

These are machines connected to the Internet whose job it is to keep track of the IP Addresses and Domain Names of other machines. Well, Reverse DNS, of course, translates the IP Address into a Hostname ie - in letters and words instead of numbers, because sometimes the Hacker will employ various methods to stop Netstat from picking up a correct Hostname.