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In the example shown, the AduHid Note that in the 32 bit version, the AduHid. Small text used to make it fit the web page MarshalAs System. If the command is sending a response, the Read button can now be activated and the data read back will be displayed in the Received Data text box. The Close button can then be pressed to close the handle to the ADU. Here are the subroutines for each element and a few comments. EventArgs Handles cmdOpen. EventArgs Handles cmdWrite.

Text, Len txtCommand.

Text , iBytesWritten, Text is whatever data has been typed into the Data To Send text box. EventArgs Handles cmdRead. End Sub. EventArgs Handles cmdClose. The Discovery Controls are advanced functions built into the AduHid dll to obtain information about ADU devices connected to the host computer. These functions can be used to automate the selection of connected ADU devices. The Show List button causes a pop-up window to display a list of connected devices and some relevant information.

The Get ADU button causes a message box to display the connected devices one at a time including their index number.

Inputting - Creating an Interface

EventArgs Handles cmdShowList. Object, ByVal e As System. In Visual Basic you can easily do a type check to check whether a value is a number or not a number, see the example below:. IsNumeric will return a value either True or False after checking to see if a variable or form control is a number. You can then use an If to determine what to do. In Visual Basic you can use the len function to find the length of a variable or form control.

You can then check to if the length is 0 and if it is this means nothing has been entered, see the example below:. If the length is 0 this means nothing has been entered. Return can be used in a program as it will prevent any further code being executed. It stops the program running. You can also validate data by making sure it is within a certain range. For example, entering a test score you could say that it must be between 0 and An example of how you could use a range check is shown below:.

To perform a range check you can simply use an If and then use And to connect two conditions together. If you want to perform a format check in Visual Basic you will need to make use of a library. The Regular Expressions library allows you to set a pattern and then check to see if the data follows that pattern. The program below will check if an email meets the right format requirements.

For the purpose of this task the requirements are:. At the top of your code above Public Class you need to import the regular expressions library, to do this enter the following code:. Iteration is the process of repeating a process over and over. Often in programming you need to repeat a block of code several times. A for loop is known as a count controlled loop, you should use it when you want to repeat a block of code for a set number of times.

This program asks the user to enter their name and their age. It will then add their name to the list box for the number of times their age. This program will ask the user what timestable they want to learn, it will then calculate the timestables for that number.

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It makes use of the counter x in the loop to calculate the answer. This program asks the user to enter a five digit number. It then uses sub-strings to add digits 1,3 and 5 together and subtract digits 2 and 4. This program combines using an if with a for loop. The answer on this example is This program has a list that contains test scores. The program will go through the list and add together all the numbers to get a total.

It then works out the average of the test scores. This program gives the average of 9 based on the values in the scores array. This is then divided by the size of the list 5 to give 9.

License Keys in - Revisited - CodeProject

A while loop is known as a condition controlled loop, you should use it when you do not know how many times the code needs to repeat as you can say repeat while a condition is True. This program asks the user to guess the number, it will keep asking them to guess the number until they guess it correctly. Once they have guessed it correctly it will tell them how many attempts it took. This program asks the user to enter a number. It then asks them whether they want to enter another. If they do it will ask them another and add it to the previous number, it will keep doing this until they say they do not want to enter any more numbers.

Finally it will output the total. Sometimes you will need to read data from a file to find information and then depending on what you find do something with it. The process of reading from a file is always the same.

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The only thing that changes is what file you are using and what you are looking for in that file. When reading data from a file, the easiest file type to use is a CSV file, this stands for comma separated values. Each piece of data is separated by a comma. This means that when you split the information up you can say to the program split the information into the list every time you find a comma. This means you can then refer to elements of the list to extract single pieces of information. Imagine the array you have is called games , the second image above shows how you would reference the information.

If you wanted the name of the game it would be games 1 , if you wanted to the rating it would be games 3.

10 Reasons Why Visual Basic is Better Than C#

Before creating a program to read data from a file you need to understand what data is in the file. In this example it will use a file called cars. In this file there are two pieces of data, these are the car registration and the speed. When the data is split into a list, they can be referred to as element 0 for the registration and element 1 for the speed.

Step 1 - Creating the Interface Like any Visual Basic program the first thing you must do is create the interface. In this program the user will select a speed limit from a combo box and then it will output speeding cars to a list box. The interface could look something like this:. This code must go at the very top of your code above Public Class.

This code will create a connection to the file cars. It can then be referred to as the variable name which is filereader. NOTE: You must put the full path of the file, not just the name.

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Step 3 - Storing Input from the User In this program we need to find out the speed limit so we can compare it to the speed that the car is travelling to see if it is speeding, therefore the speed limit selected from the combo box needs to be stored. Step 4 - Reading through the file Now each line of the file needs to be checked, you will need to use a loop to do this. This will create a loop that will repeat while the end of stream end of the file of the filereader variable has not been reached. Step 5 - Read a line from the file and split the data up Now we have a loop that will read each line in the file, we need to read one line at a time, and split the information up.

We know it is a csv file and therefore each piece of data is separated by a comma. When it splits the line from the file it needs to store it in a list, the list below is called details. Step 6 - Checking the Data The next stage is to check the data that we have read from the file. 25 CHARACTER PRODUCT ID GENERATOR

The speed is stored in element 1 of the details array. Step 7 - If the condition is met If the condition is met and in this case the car is speeding then you can type the code you want to run like you would for a normal if statement. In this example we want to add the information of the speeding cars to the list box. Sometimes the information you are looking for in a file might not be there, you will need to let the user know this.

At the moment when you enter a speed limit where there are no cars speeding, the program looks like nothing happens:. What it should do is display a message something like There are no speeding cars , as shown below:. NOTE: You must use a variable to do this rather than adding an Else to the If as otherwise it could display the message multiple times. This program asks the user to enter the day you want to view the timetable for.